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Queen of Tone Dual Stacked Overdrive Pedal

Queen of Tone Dual Stacked Overdrive Pedal


Queen of Tone Dual Stacked Overdrive Pedal

Queen of Tone is a dual stacked overdrive pedal, combining the Morning Star and Horseman circuits into a single unit. Each overdrive effect is evolved from two classic circuit designs with notably different tone characters. Morning Star is a progression from the original blues breaker pedal with open soft clipping architecture, whereas The Horseman draws from the legendary centaur transparent overdrive circuit. Each overdrive has its own set of 3 rotary controls and effect on/off footswitch, which brings in a secondary function when held down for 1 second. Effect stacking order is switchable to give two different flavours of combined overdrive and each effect can even be switched remotely. Queen of Tone adds a switchable FET input stage to generate a more powerful signal for driving the front end of an amplifier, in addition to selectable buffered or true bypass output when the overdrive circuits are not engaged. From responsive mild overdrive to screaming saturated tones with twice the pedigree of other drive pedals, the Queen of Tone can be the place that you find your own trademark sound.

  • Independent control and 2 stacking options
  • Input FET stage to help drive amplifier inputs harder
  • Switchable true or buffered bypass
  • Power supply9Vdc, 100mA (min) pin-negative (not included)
  • ControlsLevel, Treble, Gain (Horseman). Level, Tone, Drive (Morning Star)
  • Switch selectorsBuffered or true bypass, input FET stage on/off
  • Dimensions115 x 105 x 58mm
  • Weight440g