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Xvive Golden Brownie Distortion Pedal by Thomas Blug

Thomas Blug has been sought after artist on the German and International music scene for many years. A very accomplished guitarist, vocalist, composer and recording artist, Thomas has won many awards and his known for his soulful music, which Xvive can help deliver. Xvive are very excited to work him in the development of the Golden Brownie and Tube Squasher micro pedals.
The Golden Brownie is like a vintage Marshall JCM800® in a box. If you want high gain hard rock™80 tones then this is the pedal for you.
It has an unbelievable (over) Drive range and is perfect for head-on heavy grind applications.
The Pres (presence) knob adds versatile tweaking ability that transforms any amp into a fire breathing hellhound!
The Tone knob is all about the blues and soul. Turned down, it is time to rock and turned up it is time to sing some blues.
 TONE “ shapes colour of distorted signal
VOLUME  controls overall volume of effect
 DRIVE  controls amount of gain
 PRES  takes a sharp distortion and gives it some extra room
 Foot Switch toggle effects on/bypass (blue LED ‘on’ indicator)