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Guitar Repairs

We offer a full range of repairs and services in store.

Price List Autumn 2019


Re string acoustic, Classical, electric (not Floyd Rose) & Bass

£13.50 plus Vat Plus strings

Service includes:

Changing, Stretching and tuning

Clean and polish

Oil Fretboard

Tighten all moving parts

As above but for Violin, Banjo, Mandolin

£18.50 plus Vat

Set Ups

Acoustic 6 string set up £24.00 plus Vat

Electric 6 string set up £24.00 plus vat

Bass Guitar set up £26.00 plus Vat

Floyd Rose set up £35.00 plus Vat

Acoustic 12 string set up £30.00 plus Vat

All other repairs will be quoted on a hourly labour charge

of £35.00 per hour plus Vat